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Commercial Agreements

Commercial Agreements

Commercial Agreements | Technology Law

Kelly Law Solicitors offer advice to Clients in matters of Technology Law such as the following:

Drafting of Terms and Conditions for websites – The importance of drafting substantial and relevant terms of conditions is often under estimated, particularly where it is intended to sell via the internet. Also it is important to apply an appropriate method by how these terms and conditions are accepted by someone browsing that website.

Software Licence Agreements – These should be drafted with reference their relevance to a particular transaction and it is often vital for both sides that representation is sought. The repercussions of being on the wrong side of a one sided agreement can be great and accordingly advice should always be sought.

Intellectual Property Rights – This is where the value of any technology company lies and it is important that every necessary precaution is made to protect it. This includes property such as the copyright to the the source code of a software product right down to the information provided on a website.