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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law

We offer a full range of services in Family Law matters.

Disrict Court Representation

It is common in family law proceedings that certain matters such as maintenance for children, access and protection from domestic violence cannot wait the time taken to have a Separation of Divorce application to be brought before the Circuit Court. Matters such as those mentioned above are generally urgent and can be brought by your family law solicitor before the District Court in a relitivetly short period of time. Should the circumstances of your case require any of the aforementioned orders it is important to contact a family law solicitor with delay.

Separation Agreements

In many instances Court proceedings are not neccessary where terms can be agreed between the parties through the parties family law solicitors. In these instances the cost of the separation is greatly reduced as is the time taken to put terms in place. Family law solicitors will always be the recommended this course but unfortunatley it is not always possible to reach agreement.

Judicial Separation

Where terms cannot be agreed your famly law solicitor goes about issuing Court proceedings and the matter is determined by a Judge of the Circuit Court. The Courts will consider the total family assets and rule on a fair and equitabe division of these assets. Considerations include athe needs of dependent children and the needs and means of the separating spouses. Issues such as maintenance and access are again up for review even if determined previously in the District Court.


At such time as the parties have been separated for four of the previous five years either party may bring an application through their family law solicitor before the Circuit Court for a decree of divorce. If the parties can agree terms it will greatly reduce the cost to the parties and the time taken to bring it before the Court. In many instances where the terms of the separation have been working well the Court can rule the divorce on the same basis on consent should the parties agree. This is the favourable route and would be advised by the family law solicitor but only in circumstances where either party is completely satisfied to do so.