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Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Kelly Law Solicitors are expieced at both drafting Wills and the administration of estates. The administration process will vary dependending on a number a factors such as whether the deceased died with or without leaving a Will. The various scenarios are expanded on below.


Kelly Law Solicitors offer a fixed price service for the execution Wills at a flat rate of eur100.

Any probate solicitor would urge everyone to execute a Will. It allows the testator (person whose Will it is) to dictate what happens to his or her estate after death. Should a person neglect to execute a Will then the administration of the estate is often complicated enormously. In such circumstances where a deceased dies intestate without a Will then in that event the estate is distributed under the rules of intestacy as set out in the Succession Act 1965.

An example of such a scenario is where a person dies leaving a spouse and two minor children. Under the rules of intestacy the spouse interits two thirds of the estate and the surviving children the remaining one third in equal shares. There are many uncertainties in such a scenario such as ownership of property and/or trusteeship of the childrens share.

The benefits of executing a Will far outweigh the cost and accordingly it would be the advice of any probate solicitor to have a Will executed.

Grant of Probate

While a person dies testate with a Will the appropriate application is for a Grant of Probate. At Kelly Law Solicitors we are appreciative of the sensitive nature of this area of law which is taken into consideration when dealing with berieved families.

Kelly Law Solicitors offer competitive rates for such applications. Because of the nature of probate law it is not possible to offer a fixed price but we would invite you to contact the office to discuss rates having taken into consideration the particular circumstances of the estate.

To extract a grant of probate to an estate application must be made to the High Court. The point of contact for the probate solicitor is the executor/executrix apointed in the Will. This executor/executrix will liase with the probate solicitor and will execute the neccessary documentation. The effect of the grant of probate is to vest the deceased's estate in the executor/executrix who is then charged with distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.

We would invite you to contact the offices of Kelly Law Solicitors to discuss the process in more detail as it relates to the circumstances of a particular estate.

Grant of Letters of Administration Intestate

Where a deceased person dies without leaving a Will they are said to have died intestate and their estate is distributed under the rules of intestacy pursuant to the Succession Act 1965.

Kelly Law Solicitors emphasize value and offer competative rates for extracting Grants of Letters of Administration. It is difficult to quote a flat fee for such work due to the degree of variance between each estate. Kelly Law Solicitors would invite you to contact our office to discuss rates at your convenience.

As is the case with grants of probate application must be made to the High Court for a Grant of Letters of Administration Intestate.

In these circumstances where no executor/executrix has been appointed a volunteer must come forward to assume the role of administrator. The administrator is the equivelant to the executor/executrix and will be the point of contact for the probate solicitor. The entitlement to become te administrator of an intestate estate is set out in the Succession Act 1965.